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An NSF-Funded Project

2007 - 2008


An NSF-Funded Project


CyberTech-ITEST is a strategic educational initiative based in the Computer Science & Information Systems Department at Kennesaw State University and is funded by the National Science Foundation under their Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program.  CyberTech involves three cohorts of high school students and begins in the student’s sophomore or junior year. CyberTech is designed to attract under-represented students (African-American, Hispanic, women, 1st generation college students and others) into careers in the sciences, particularly computer science, and prepare them to succeed in a university degree program in the computing sciences.  The CyberTech program also prepares teachers to lead AP Computer Science courses.  CyberTech will engage over 600 students, 50 teachers and ten or more high schools over the course of the program.  We envision the program serving as a nationwide model in science education. Some of the program specifics are highlighted below:

  • In 2007-08 CyberTech will serve seven Cobb County Public Schools … including Campbell, Osborne, McEachern, Pebblebrook , North Cobb,  South Cobb and Hillgrove high schools.  The program is regionalized by serving high schools from Dalton, Marietta, and inner-city South Atlanta, Carver and North Atlanta High Schools.
  • SummerTech is a program on campus at KSU during the month of June. It employs Visual Basic.NET as its programming language.  The SummerTech curriculum articulates with the DOE’s Programming & Systems Management course.   It prepares students to succeed in AP Computer Science courses during the following school year.
  • AP Computer Science is a full credit course team-taught on-line by KSU faculty and on site high school teachers.  Students are encouraged to take AP Computer Science during the school year following SummerTech.  All students will be required to take the AP Computer Science test upon completion of the course.  The program pays for the AP test.
  • CyberTech ITEST provides at least two workshops (at no cost) for high school teachers each year. They are “Teaching Computer Programming in High School” and “Teaching AP Computer Science”.  Both take place on the campus of Kennesaw State University.  “Teaching Computer Programming in High School” provides appropriate pedagogy to effectively teach Visual Basic. “Teaching AP Computer Science” provides qualified teachers with a unique opportunity to learn to teach AP Computer Science.  Each CyberTech high school teacher who successfully completes the course(s) will receive PLUs.  A stipend is offered for teachers from CyberTech High Schools who successfully complete the course and who currently teach or who will be teaching in these areas.

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